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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blestenation to Release New Mixtape Monday

Rap group BLESTeNATION is set to release their highly anticipated new mixtape titled BLESTeNATION presents: MBC Digital this monday at MBC Digital and their myspace at
Some say three’s a crowd, but this trio knows there’s enough room for everyone. A shared talent for bustin’ rhymes gave MCs Various and Werdplay a reason to conspire. “I walked up to Various at a house party, started talking, and a week later, we had this whole shit set up,” says the emotive lyricist Werdplay. The duo met Fafu in 2000 and added him to the lineup as their resident DJ and beatmaker. With a sonic mixture of gritty appeal (“Requiem for a Dream”) and comic relief (“Is Anybody in Here?”) on rock-rapinspired beats, BLESTeNATION hopes for some major play. “It’s the combination of what we do together and our outlook on life,” says Fafu of the group’s best qualities. From touring with Scarface and Erik Sermon to collaborating with Method Man, Blestenation puts in more work than a crack ho before Christmas.
For Immediate Release

Contact: David Shulman

Tel.:(212) 827-4356

Cell: (973) 951-0130



Mbugout City, NY (Rap Newswier) Blestenation linked up with Mic Geronimo to bring you "Juice" off the upcoming mixtape "Blestenation Presents: MBC Digital Volume 1" featuring Mic Geronimo, Various and Werdplay - Produced by Fafu. "Juice" features new material from Mic Geronimo and some insight into Werdplay's opinion of Asher Roth and Mickey Avalon…among other things.

Blestenation is freshly released from their Geffen/Interscope deal and has started a new label called MBC Digital. Look out for new releases from MBC Digital real soon.

"Blestenation Presents: MBC Digital Volume 1" features The Cool Kids, Mic Geronimo, Ladytron, Puscifer, Werdplay, Various, Whatzisface, MCEO, Lonnnie and Faneesha; with production by Fafu, Chuck Inglish (The Cool Kids), Blended Babies, Harry Fraud, Werdplay, Various and Whatzisface.

Also be on the look out for Werdplay's solo debut "Ryantology" featuring production by Fafu, Chuck Inglish and Blended Babies coming soon on MBC Digital.

Check out Blestenation at and the rest of the MBC Digital roster coming soon on

“Juice” w/ Mic Geronimo [download]

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