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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eminem Scraps New Album

Rapper Eminem has scrapped the majority of material for his comeback album - because it's not "current" enough.

The Without Me hitmaker has been working on tracks for his follow up to 2004's Encore since last year (07), but his pal 50 Cent reveals the star has chosen to start from scratch to ensure his album is as new and relevant as possible.

He says, "A lot of material he wrote prior to this announcement (of the new album) is being scrapped. He's got to feel like it's just happened, it's new and it's current. That's just how he is creatively as an artist."

But the In Da Club rapper insists fans of Eminem won't have long to wait to hear the final results, although a release date has yet to be set."

50 Cent adds, "You'll be seeing him shortly. He's working. I spent the weekend at his house. Even though he tries to relax and stay home it's impossible for him to stay in." (MT/WNWCNM/IG)

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